Top 7 Actionable SEO Tips For Beginners To Higher On Google

If you really want to be at the top of the ladder, it’s not sufficient to look out popular trends.  Promoters make the strategy for SEO to optimize their website to get the first rank in Google because this will help you to get more website traffic.

Now, the question arises how to rank your websites and blogs. Well, search engine optimization techniques have changed a lot. That’s the reason we have to take advice from an expert to make the best SEO tactics for your business. We have added 7 best SEO tips for beginners that will help you to rank your website at the top in 2019.

Are you ready for amazing SEO tips? Let’s get started.

1. Concentrate On User Query

In order to generate a user query, we need to understand the distinct types of the user query. Enter those keywords which our user would be looking for and based on those keywords we’ll be able to recognize what type of content our audience wants. Well, there are the 3 types of query generally search by the users on the internet.

  • Informative queries

In informative queries, people search in Google for the particular subject. It can be a topic, theme, and thesis. For example, people might search for “how to do SEO”.

Well, People aren’t searching for any shopping website or product they are searching for particular information regarding their queries.

  • Navigational queries

In navigational queries, people search in search engine for special kind of content by review their choices. For example, “What is the best software for video editing?”

However, many sites may include links to purchase, but websites aren’t pressurizing the users to buy. “Facebook” and “YouTube” are the well-known name for navigational queries.

  • Transactional queries

As I’m using the term transactional, you guys must have a question in your mind– is it something regarding banking transaction?

Well, yes. So if you have the credit card in your pocket, be ready to purchase the products. Suppose if you search for “Where can I buy shoes?” That means we are ready to pay for the product.

For example, online shopping websites selling their products that people want to buy. This kind of websites doesn’t contain any information regarding blogs.

Now, I hope you guys understand these 3 types of queries. You can optimize your content for better ranking of a website using these 3 queries.

2. Internal linking of a website

I’m a huge fan of internal links. As we all know “Content is a King in SEO.”  Internal linking is a technique used for especially in content marketing. Let’s talk about what is internal linking and how it’s the impact on our website ranking? When we link our website from one page to another page in the same domain is referred to as internal linking.

Why internal linking?

Internal linking is necessary for the website because it helps to maintain the structure of the site and publish the link. Internal linking can be done by creating links on the website’s header, navigation bar or footer.

How to do internal linking?

  • Create long content

If we want to create long content then we must have a lot of internal pages. For better internal linking we have to create more links on our site it’ll help us to increase the page rank of our site, increase the no. of visitors and site performance.

  • Apply anchor text

The link should be descriptive so that if the people visit on your site will get to know what the link is all about. We can also use keywords in our pages as a part of anchor text.

  • Don’t create too many links

Too many internal links will create confusion for the visitor who is visit our site. Always create an internal link in balancing way.

  • Add relevant links

Adding links related to your content is a better approach to inspire users. Users that found your content benefit for them will check out that relevant links too.

  • Always link to the old content

If you have old post content that relates to new content you created, don’t forget to add a link on that new content. It will help us to get more attention from the user.

3. Video Marketing

 These days Video marketing is one of the best sources of communication. With the advancements of latest technology like Smartphone’s or if I’m talking about social media whether it’s Facebook or YouTube, it is easy for people to create videos.

Why Video Marketing?

If we want to generate traffic and rank higher in search engine then video marketing is a tool where we can grow our business.

How we can do video marketing?

  • Transcribe the video:

If we’ll transcribe the video on the first page of our site we’ll be able to get huge traffic (no. of visitors). While making the business plan, most of the people prefer reading over watching videos. Because people will get the idea what the video is about and the better understanding of particular content.

  • Meta title and description

We all know very well about Meta title and description in SEO. We have to do that in a similar way in video marketing as well. It is simple and requires little time. Meta title should be 55 characters or less and Meta description should be 155 characters or less. Google also displays a thumbnail for video results. Thumbnails convert small images to a large one. We should create a custom thumbnail that defines video content, attracts an audience.

  • Create a video sitemap on website

Video sitemap includes title, description, and thumbnail of a particular video. By creating a video sitemap and submit it into Google Console, We can tell Google about ratings of our video, content, Time consumes on video.

  • Adding videos on the social media platform

If we add videos to social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube then we’ll get a huge amount of backlinks for our website because people will share our videos in different sites.

4. Site Speed

Site speed is also an important factor for SEO. If our site takes more time to load then people run away from our website. In 1 sec delay in page load will result from a 10% drop in conversion.

Things to remember while work on site speed:

  • HTTP request

If we have a large number of images, scripts, stylesheets, and attachments in our site then our site takes more time to load because web pages spend the time to download images and other things in the site. We can analyze by right click on the site and then click on inspect. We can see all the files using the name column and size column (shows the size of the column).

  • Minify Files

Minify a file means removing unnecessary spaces and code from our site.HTML, CSS and JavaScript Files plays an important role to check the appearance of our website. They also help us to find out how many no. of visitors visit our site.

  • Enable Compression

Our page will load faster if our files are small. Compression contains one or more files that are smaller than the original file. Gzip is one of them. It is the software application that creates similar code in our text files and replaces the code to make the files smaller. Most of the traffic passes through those browsers that support Gzip.

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5.Google search console

Google search console is a well-known tool in Digital Marketing. If you don’t know what is Google Search Console you guys need not worry because I’m here.

  • Login in Google Search Console

To add your site in Google Search Console we have to login in GSC and select “add a property”. After click on add a property, paste your site URL and then verify your site.

Verification of URL can be done in 3 ways.

    1. Upload a small snippet of the code to the head section.
    1. Upload a unique HTML file.
  1. Add a text record to your domain settings.
  • Set preferred domain

The version you choose will appear on the search results. It can be or

  • Set your target

We have to set our target country means which country our website is targeting. It includes:

    1. Write the content according to language. (English, Germany, French)
    1. Choose the country where you get more no. of backlinks.
  1. Your server location.

6.Voice search

Now a day, it’s easy for a person to speak rather than type for any query. Google voice search is a feature provided by Google. We can find our query through spoken voice command “Ok Google.”

Things you need to remember while using voice SEO for our site.

  • Optimization of structured data

Voice search optimization is making your content relevant to Google for the particular topic/keyword. Sitemap plays an important role. We’ll create a sitemap for our site and submit this sitemap into Google Search Console.

  • Mobile friendly:

Sometimes while driving its not possible for the user to type their query. So to overcome this issue makes a site that should be mobile friendly. Remember that you should have a pronounceable name so that user can easily pronounce the brand name.

  • Thing like a customer

For voice search optimization we have to think like a customer. Voice searches should be able to pull up the results easily. Make sure Google can read and understand the content quickly by answering the queries search by the user.

  • Optimization of online reviews and directories

If we want to rank our site in top 3 in search engine then we use directory. Optimizing the directory is a key to appear on the top. Keep a record of online reviews because voice assistants, like Alexa use third-party reviews and these reviews help find results for the user.

7. Google Plus

Google Plus is an important and powerful tool because it is a Google product. It gives a tough competition to other social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and improves our SEO ranking.

Why Google Plus?

  • Improve Page ranking:

In Google Plus all the links are placed with a “Do Follow” technique. This helps us to increase the visibility of a site. If I’m talking about Twitter with “No Follow” Strategy, it’s not able to pass rank through Twitter to our site.

  • Impact on our site

Google plus helps us to provide a graphical display of our company’s brand. People can reach on our site through Google’s network which will impact our search results.

  • Measure social signal

It is quite easy to measure social signal through Google Plus. With the advancement of social signal, Google plus has become one of the best social networking platforms. People who tweet, retweet or like the posts are checked by Google Search Engine. It will result in a good ranking of our site.


We have discussed the top SEO tips for beginners that will help them to rank their website on the first page of Google. These tips are showcasing all the necessary points that should be kept into the mind. If you still find it difficult to rank on Google. Get our best search engine optimization services at nominal cost. We are the best digital marketing company in India.

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