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Political Campaign Promotion Services

Political Campaign Promotion Services

Internet users in India are growing at a rapid pace. Till date, India has over 493 million internet users, and this number is increasing day by day. Most of the Indian spend their 20% of their daily time on social media platform, i.e. whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other growing social media networks.

This growth of digital media has opened the new and most effective ways for politicians to promote their political campaigns.

It has been proven that young Indians are more likely to engage with politicians on social media platforms. Even social media and other digital marketing channel have grown the political interest among the youngster of India. It helps to get more publicity during the elections.

How Can Ownly Digital help you in your political campaign promotion? Ownly Digital is having a team of digital marketing experts. These experts are having plenty of years of experience in digital marketing and promoting political campaigns to create more awareness of among the Indian public.

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How We Promote Political Campaigns?

  • Digital Marketing strategy and Planning
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Creation And Promotion
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Email Marketing
  • PPC Ads
  • Live Streaming of Events
  • Text Messaging
  • Online Reputation Management

Digital Marketing strategy and Planning

First, we create and develop the most effective digital marketing strategy for the political campaigns. We plan every phase of the promotion to make it more effective. We first analyze your competitor and have a close look at how they are utilizing digital marketing channels to promote their political campaigns.

Marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is playing a pivotal role in promoting politicians. We understand the importance of social media marketing in helping the political figure. We use these top 3 social media marketing platforms.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is playing a vital role in promoting the political figure. There are a massive amount of people are more likely to connect with the political figure. We build cost-effective Facebook marketing strategies to reach large numbers of people in low budget. We also analyze your rivals' activity over Facebook and make the best efforts to beat them.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is the best way to share photos and video among a large number of audiences. We create the most attractive yet attractive banners, pictures, and video to promote it on Instagram.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is the hub for politicians and celebrities. It is the best way to express your thoughts with millions of users. We create the most effective marketing strategy for your campaign to promote it effectively over Twitter.

Website Creation And Promotion

Website is an online identity of a company or a public figure. A website can make you the best among the rest. We provide the following facilities in our political promotion campaigns

Website Creation

We create a personal website for you to showcasing your contribution to society for more engagement with people of your constituency. In also offers the following benefits with website creation.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO also plays a crucial role in the success of political campaigns. We do search engine optimization of your website to rank it higher than your rival's sites.


In the blogging section, we write about your experiences, your journey, and your political goals. It helps the audiences to know more about yourself. Because voters usually give votes to those candidates who are known by them.


YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is the best way to promote political campaigns. Videos are always having a high percentage of engagement. That is why we promote video content with the help of YouTube marketing. We set the correct demographics for your video ads as well as the right time and the right place. As a result, your video can only be seen by those voters who are within your political region.


Podcasting is becoming more popular these days. Majority of voters love to listen to the podcast during the elections. We understand the value of the podcast; therefore, we help you to create your podcast and make it live for the voters. We submit your podcast on audio streaming platforms and podcast directories so that every voter can have the excess of your podcast.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to connect with your supporters and volunteers. We send emails to the registered voters of your areas. We know that excessive use of email marketing can harm your political campaign that why we send bi-weekly emails to the voters. So that they will not get frustrated with the emails, it also increases the chances of your campaign success.


We manage PPC ads with perfection. We implement a cost-effective strategy in PPC ads. It means that your ads will show a large amount of audience with a low budget. We also set the frequency cap in the PPC ads so that your ads will not frustrate the voter.


Live Streaming of Events

Live streaming is the best way to have robust engagement with the supporters as well as audiences. We cover all your live events with perfection. And we also do the live streaming it on social media as well as online video streaming platforms.

Text Messaging

Text messages are still dominant. We send the bulk text message to the targeted audiences. In this, you can get in touch with those audiences too who don’t use smartphones.


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