Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is abbreviated for Search Engine Marketing, Where all the steps are performed on popular search engines. This is the part of marketing where we can target our audience directly by showing our ads while they are searching on the internet. Search Engine Marketing is the demand fulfillment platform where people search the product or services when they needed it. SEM is all about the right keyword targeting to get the higher results. The paid advertising is performed on the top search engines like Google Ads, Bing Ads

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Enterprise SEO and Making the Most of Data Trends
The following steps to search engine marketing success.
  • Develop an effective strategy
  • Choose the best keywords
  • Optimize your website’s Landing page
  • Manage a paid search campaign
  • Create & optimize Display Campaigns
  • Manage Shopping Campaign
  • Dynamic Remarketing for better engagement
  • Setting up the Google Merchant Center for e-commerce
  • Youtube Advertising and Video Ads


  • Above Mentioned Deliverables are for 3 Months.
  • For paid campaigns, we only manage Campaigns & Strategies. Pay per click charges will be directly levied by Google, Bing or other publishers. For that, the customer need to attach the Credit card or other payment services for running the paid ads
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We have been working with Ownly Digital for many years now, and I can honestly say the output and quality of work has been top notch. They have helped us enormously with our overall online presence, and provided some innovative solutions regarding our SEO, lead generation and nurture programs. They introduced us to HubSpot & I can honestly say they are an extension of our Marketing Department.

Rob Helmke, Marketing Director , Plastic Ingenuity