Top 10 Free SEO Tools To Make Your SEO Efforts More Effective

SEO is getting more tough with every passing day. Therefore it is not an easy task to do SEO these days. For this reason, there are some free some SEO tools that will help you to minimize your SEO efforts. Without these tools, it is nearly impossible to do SEO. Today I am going to share with you the list of top 20 free SEO tools that will help you to make your SEO more effective. You may already know some of the tools that I am going to mention here. But on the other hand, you will definitely don’t know about some of the excellent tools that I am going to explain here.

1.Google Page Speed Insights

It is one of the best free SEO tool launched by Google. Now it is providing the performance data based on the Lighthouse analysis

It basically helps you to get a performance report of your website on mobile and desktop devices. Besides, it gives the overall score of your website based on the speed of your site.

It provides meaningful data about the website. This data is divided into these categories

Origin Summary

In the origin summary, it offers two crucial data, i.e., First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Input Delay (FID)

Lab Data

It is based on the lighthouse analysis. It provides some additional, i.e., speed index, first CPU ideal, Time to Interactive, Estimated Input Latency. If you are a technical professional, then you may have an idea about these terms.


In this section, it shows the top optimization which can increase your page speed.


In this section, it shows some of the additional points that require some technical skills to fix these errors.

Pass Audit

This is the last section which shows the content on your page that has passed the audit.

It is one of the best keyword research tools available in the market. It provides a massive amount of keyword ideas unusually long tail keyword ideas.

If also provide the monthly search report along with the keyword but it is paid feature of this tool. Any SEO professional will fall in love with this fantastic keyword research tool.

It provides the keyword ideas based on Google, Bing, Amazon, ebay, Youtube and app store. But these days it is also offering hashtags research based on Twitter and Instagram.

3. Google Analytics

The most powerful web analytics tool in the world. If you are having a small business or a new blogger. It provides almost ever details about your website traffic. It helps you to know about how much traffic is coming to your website through which source and medium.

You can also identify their landing page as well as their exit page. You can even know the device they are using, the network they are using, their demographic data and lots more. It also helps you to set goals to assure about the conversion of the visitors. It provides conversion section that is specially designed of eCommerce analytics.

4.Google Search Console

The most essential work of this tool is to let Google know about your website. It helps to find the bugs, alerts, and indexing issues within your site. Let me explain some of the top features of Google search console.


It will help you to know the total number of impression, total clicks, total impression as well as total CTR.

URL inspection

This will help you to know whether your URL has been indexed by Google.
If your page is already indexed, but you have updated your webpage, then you can also reindex your webpage by using this tool.


This section will help you to know the coverage issue your website may facing.


The sitemap is an identity of the site, it helps the search engine to understand the overall structure of the website. You can submit your xml sitemap in Google search console to index the site in Google index.

Mobile Usability

It helps to find out whether your website content is mobile friendly or not. It also provides you the issue that your website may face in the mobile device.


AMP is a framework introduced by Google. It helps the site to load at rapid speed in the mobile device. This section will help you to find all the issues related to the amp on your site.

Manual Action

It shows an issue that is preventing your website from appearing on the search result.

Security Issues

It provides the detail of any security issue that your site may be facing.


This section is holding all the details about links on your website, i.e. internal links or external links, it also provides the details of the most linked page and top anchor text used in link building. Besides, it also helps you to know which site is giving you the highest number of backlinks.


It is holding two sections, i.e. ownership verification, and user permissions.

5. Ahref’s Backlink Checker

Ahref’s is one of the most expensive SEO tools in the world. But it also provides some free feature to the users. Ahref’s backlinks Checker shows the top 100 backlinks of any website. Along with it, Ahref’s also shows the total numbers of the referring domain, overall numbers of backlinks, domain rating as well as URL rating.

Moreover, it also shows the top 5 linked pages of the site. Along with the top 5 anchor tags.

6. Moz Link Explorer

The Moz link explorer is one of free SEO tools to analyze the backlinks of the site. It provides lots of feature to the user for free but with some limitation. Besides, it helps the user to know the domain authority, Linking domains, inbound links, as well as ranking keywords.

It also provides you the data about discovered and lost domains. Besides, it also shows you the metric over time of domain authority, page authority, and linking domains. Moreover, it also shows the follow v/s no follow links. Like other link building tools, it shows the top 10 linking domains, anchor tags as well as top pages on the page.

The best feature of Moz link explorer is that it provides the site’s spam score as well that any other tools don’t show. It also offers the link interaction feature for free with some limitations.

7. Google Keyword Planner

This is an entirely free keyword tool launched by Google. It helps the users to find out the keywords with the search volume, competitions and even suggested terms. You can also set the location to do the keyword research based on a particular country.

8. Schema Creator

The schema is quite helpful to rank your website rank up in the search result. Schema Creator is considered among the best free SEO tools. It helps in creating the code for the schema. This code is for various schema, i.e. reviews, events, organizations, and people are displayed the way you want in Google’s search results. Once you’ve created your schema with the help of schema creator. Then you just need to copy and paste the code into your website to make the schema active for your site.

9. Similar web

The similar web is one of the best free SEO tools to analyze the website traffic source of your competitor. It displays the estimated amount of traffic your competitor is getting through various sources. It presents the sources as social, search, mail, display, referral, direct.

10. Google Trends

Google trends is one of the best free SEO tools. It displays the trending search terms on Google search engine. You can search for any terms and get to know whether the term is trending or not. It provides lots of other features to the users. You can filter the search data by past hours, past week, days and so on.

It also provides the category section to filter your data more accurately. You can even get the trending data of YouTube, Image search, News search, and Google shopping. It shows the trending based on the region too. In other words, it shows that the particular terms is having the highest number of search in a particular region. It also shows you the related query of the search term.


Now we have taken the look on top 10 free SEO tools. All these tools will help the digital marketers to make their website’s SEO more effective. In contrast there are some tools which are totally free. But there are some tools that are freemium. There are some other free SEO tools in the world too. But here we have mentioned only the top one and must have one.

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