How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search SEO

The World of SEO is frequently changing at a rapid pace. Let us understand it by an example in the earlier days of internet people used to explore on the internet by using the long phrases. For example, they used to search like “the best shoe company in my city.” But after a long time approximately ten years ago they pretend to search the web with short phrases likewise single keywords or a couple of keywords, i.e., “the best shoe company.” However, now a day some of the voice search devices come into existence. These devices have changed the world of SEO completely. “Now people are searching like that “best shoe company near me.” However, the importance of keywords remain the same in SEO. And it is also remain same to website optimization for voice search SEO.

Tips To Website Optimization For Voice Search SEO

1. Use People also ask box

Whenever we ask something in Google search engine epically on competitive and most popular keywords. Then Google provides us a box known as “people ask box.” This box shows the question related to the given keyword. This box helps us to find out that what people are searching now a day with the help of voice search.

People ask

In this we have search for off page SEO and we have find this people also ask box at the bottom of the position 1 result. This box is very helpful for you but remember that this box is not appear with local search results.

2. Speed plays a key Role

Google loves faster website speed. If you want to optimize your website for voice search SEO, it should be load as quickly as possible. 90% of the user bounce back from the site if it takes five seconds to load. Google has already declared it they give the preference to the fast loading website instead of slow loading website. The user likes to stay on the site that loads less than a second. Tools to check your page speed:
Google Page Insight
Think with Google mobile test


optimize for speed

These tools will provide you with the following details to optimize your page speed

  • Invest in a content delivery network.
  • Cut HTTP requests.
  • Allow compression.
  • Leverage browser caching.
  • Minimize server response time.
  • Use a fast web host. Optimize images by reducing their size.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Optimize your website for mobile devices. Most of the voice search happens on the mobile device. User use software like Apple Siri, Google assistance, Alexa, Cortana and so on. All of this software usually uses with the mobile device. So your website should be mobile optimize. Brain Dean has perfectly showcase mobile SEO. You can check your mobile optimize the site from Google mobile friendliness test.

Mobile optimization

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4. Use of

The schema mark up is playing a crucial role to rank a website for specific keywords. It helps Google to understand the content better. There are lots of schema mark up available, and each one plays their role effectively. Here how to use schema for your website.

i). Find snippet opportunity

a) Find those keywords for that you are already rank:– This is an important step to find those keywords that you already rank for. However, remember that Google only uses the rich snippet of those pages which are rank on the first page. So if none of your keyword rank within the first ten results then you don’t have any chance to rank with the featured snippet. Thus it important to create a rich snippet for website optimization for voice search

b. Keywords that have the snippet:– In the case you are ranking within the first ten results then you can use rich snippet by following steps.

ii) Create Snippet bait

Most of the blogs use snippet based to rank well on search results. It is a 40 to the 60-word block of content that help you to rank in a featured Snipped spot. This spot is also known as number Zero position in Google search results. You can use 99% of the copy of your main content to the featured snippet. Make sure that your rich snippet is providing a quick answer to the user. Use another type of featured snippet too as per the requirement. These two other main snippets are list snippet and table snippet.

use of Schema

5. Write In-depth Content

Google loves the in-depth content of approximately 2000 words. Because Google thinks that more the depth of the content more it is reliable for the user. If your content is deep enough and satisfying the user intent. Then your page can rank easily on voice search. You can write in-depth content by doing the proper research on the content, and you can also embed other’s research in your by giving them credit. Moreover in depth content always showcase that your content is valuable for the user and it also helps you to minimize your bounce rate. Apart from this if the content is engaging too then there will always be a chance that the user will share. That’s why in depth content is crucial for website optimization for voice search

write indepth content

This is the results of the blog post on mobile SEO on Brian Dean’s blog. It is ranking on the first page of the Google search results. Moreover, it has more than 2600 social shares. Now you can have the idea that in-depth content plays a big role in voice search.

6. Use LSI Keywords

LSI keyword is those keywords which are strongly associated with page’s topic. For example, if you are writing content on the topic digital marketing, then you can have the following LSI keywords, i.e., SEO, search engine, mobile marketing, rank, traffic, bounce rate, and so on. LSI Keywords play a big role in website optimization for voice search.
Here how you can do LSI keyword research by using the following tools:-
LSI Graph
Google search bar
Google keyword planner

lsi keywords

You can see after putting the keyword digital marketing on the search box. The tool is providing us various LSI keywords. That is in associated with the digital marketing term.

7. Perfect Your Local SEO

40% of users use voice search to find the local business near them. That’s why it becomes essential to optimize your local SEO. For this, you should update your google my business page regularly. Moreover, be sure that your page has the correct address, contact number, opening and closing hours, and so on. Having positive reviews on our Google business page is a plus point. You can also use the schema for online review. Tools to use for local SEO
Google My Business
Bing Places
Moz Local

local seo

8. Long Tail Keywords

Long tails keyword is those keywords that contain 3 or more words for a single query. For example “which is the best digital marketing agency.” Most of the keyword tool will show search volume for this specific keyword. Because those free keywords tools have some limitation over the paid one. People are more likely to do the conversational search on the search engine. That is why the value of long tail keywords is becoming more crucial to website optimization for voice search. Tools to find out long tail keywords

9. Optimize for Google Amp

Google amp is a framework provided by Google. It is a framework that makes the website to make it load faster than ever. Most of the amp pages loaded less than 3 seconds. Moreover, Google shows amp results higher in voice search. The best part of an amp is that you don’t need to make a separate copy of your website for the amp. You can replace your traditional HTML code to amp HTML code. It is most crucial part of optimization for voice search.

Google amp

10. Provide a quick answer

Voice search is all about immediate results for the users. For this, your website should have better UI and UX for the user. If your site is giving value to the user’s query, but the answer is at the bottom of the page, then your website can have a higher bounce rate. The quick answer can be in any format can be a text, image, video or infographic but it should be on the first fold of the page.

Let’s Sum Up

By applying all these methods not only help you to make your website optimized for mobile search. But it also helps you to website optimization for voice search. So what are you waiting for? Apply these methods on your website and start getting the results. Check your website progress by using google analytics and google search console.