Types Of Social Media And What Are Their Uses

As we all know, nowadays Social Media Channels have a high power and efficiency. Social Media Channels gives a boost to your business. Well, marketers are also looking for different types of Social Media channels through which they can convince their clients and increase their business.

I believe that you all people are very well aware of Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn. But suppose if I’m a marketer and I have my own firm, So Social Media Platform as I discussed above is not just enough to target audience.

To explore my business, I have to use some other Social Media Channels as well. In this blog, I’ll tell you some types of Social Media Marketing that helps you to increase brand awareness and your business as well.

Social Networks

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Why Social Networks

To connect with the brands and friends.

Social Networks benefits for your business

Brand awareness, lead generation, relationship building, Market research… oh my God—This is too much… Well, this list is pretty much never ended. Social Networks helps people to interact with their friends. In term of business, you can help our target audience to connect online and share their ideas and information. That’s why Social Networks are also called as
“Relationship Networks.”

The channel which I discussed above provides us relatively simple services. For example, Twitter, Facebook. Facebook is a platform where you can check the relationship status of your cute classmate. With the advancement of mobile internet, these networks become a hub from reading the news to sharing vacation photos and to find a new job. We can optimize current marketing campaigns with the help of organic and paid ways of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Media Sharing Networks: Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram

Why Media Sharing Networks

To share photos, live video, videos, and other media online.

How they can benefit for your business

Media Sharing Networks helps us to Lead generation, targeting, audience engagement and brand building. We can share media online, including live videos and photos. Most of the posts on relationship networks include text, Instagram and even Snapchat is also start with a video or image. Users may add their content like mentions of other users and filters that make you look like a stunner. By audience reviews and resources, we can decide whether these networks are beneficial for us or not.

Discussion Forums: Quora, Digg, Reddit

These types of Social Media channels are used for sharing, finding and discussing a different kind of opinions, news, and views of the audience. These forums are the oldest way of running social media marketing campaigns. Before Social Media Networks whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, These forums were the places where experts and professionals used to do a different kind of discussion on various topics whether it’s professional or social. These discussion Forums have a large number of users. These are those places that give answers of different questions asked by the audience. If you want in depth customer research for your business, then Discussion Forums are one of the best platforms for your business. These platforms are
useful in advertising of your business as well.

Bookmarking and Content Curation Network: Flipboard, Pinterest

Why people use this network

To discover, share and save new and trending media and contents.

How they can benefit for your business

These networks are crucial to full for website traffic, driving brand awareness and customer engagement. If we want to discover, save, share the new trending content then we can use Bookmarking and Content Curation Network. These networks are a hub of creativity and inspiration for those people who so ever looking for ideas and informations. You’ll open new channels for engaging the audience and customer and brand awareness. For Example, Pinterest helps people to discover, share and save visual content.
If you want to start work with Pinterest, then your website should be Bookmark friendly. These involve optimizing images and headlines on the blog and share your content. You should always pay attention to images feature on your blog.

Content curation networks such as Flipboard can be used to find and share articles and other content. In fact, you can create your own magazine via content creating choice from the third party.
As an example, I can take Instagram that allows the user to save their content and create private collections.

Customer Review Networks: Zomato, TripAdvisor

You can share information about brands, products, services, travel destination and restaurants as well. You can also share your positive or negative reviews. Reviews are a type of content that is beneficial for many online services and websites. You can quickly resolve all the issues with the unhappy consumer. For example, if you want to search for a particular hotel, you should go first
on reviews. By their review whether it’s positive or negative, you‘ll take your decision. Based on reviews, we can build our network as a core part of the value.

Now a day, Location-based review services such as Trip Advisor and Zomato grow continuously. More users consult with their friends for recommendations of best lunch spots. 88% of consumer trust online reviews as well. Review contents are good for your brands as it will affect more and number of new buyers.

Publishing and Blogging Networks: WordPress, Medium,Tumblr

Why people use these networks

To discover, comment and publish online.

How they can benefit for your business

Content marketing can be a highly effective way to build your brand, generate leads and sales. We can publish the brand’s content online via publishing and blogging networks. These networks include WordPress, Social Media platforms such as Medium and Blogger. Content Marketing increases the visibility of our business via blogs. It can also help out a niche for your organization and audience who are searching for particular information.

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Interest-based Networks: Last.fm, Houzz and Goodreads

With the help of Interest-based Networks, we can connect with those people having similar interests or hobbies. In fact, we can find our target audience who are interested to know more about your organization’s product or services. Due to this fact, Interest-Based Networks are one of the best networks for the engaging audience and creating brand awareness. Using these networks, we can focus on product or service like Books, Training, Digital Marketing strategy, etc. If you are a home designer, then Houzz is an excellent platform for you. You can browse the work of other designers, connect with the people looking for our services and create the collection of your own work as well. If your soul loves music, then the Last.fm is for you. Last.fm is a platform for music lovers. And Goodreads is a platform for the author and the readers.

Social Shopping Networks: Fancy, Polyvore, and Etsy

Why People use these networks?

To spot and follow brands and make purchases.

How they can benefit for your business

E-commerce sites appear on many other social media networks. For example, call to action features by Instagram in the form of install now and shop now buttons and Buyable Pins featured provided by Pinterest. Polyvore is one of the most significant social site communities on the internet. It creates integration between Social Experience and buyer experience together. You can also generate your own content as well. For example, create collages, share and publish them as a set with other people as well.

Sharing Economy Networks: Uber, Taskrabbit and Airbnb.

Why People use these networks?

To find, share buy, advertise, sell and trade products and services between companions.

How they can benefit for your business

If you want to offer your services to the people, then this network is an excellent approach to start your business. For example, if you rent out your properties, then we can use Airbnb. Sharing Economy Networks are also called Collaborative economy networks. This network connects people online by advertising, selling, buying their products and services. Sharing Economy Networks become more popular as people start trusting online reviews. To generate more leads you can look into another network.

Anonymous Social Network: Ask.FM, after school, Whisper

Why People use these networks?

To Gossip, snoop and sometimes bully.

How they can benefit for your business:

In Anonymous Social Network, You can post your content anonymously. These networks are an excellent platform for fun. For example, if you are sweet sixteen and want to complain about your parents, boyfriend, teachers, etc. CBS New York describes Whisper as the place to go these days to vent and peer into other’s people secrets.

If you are new in marketing, then there are plenty of social media channels that you can use for your business.

Wrapping Up

Now you may have a better idea of how many types of social media networks are on the internet. You may also get the idea of why we use them. So be careful of using these networks. I would also recommend you to use them as per their guidelines. If you are still not able to use these networks you can get the help of our social media experts team.We are considered into one of the best digital marketing company in India. Before letting off of reading, there is a question for you – what type of social media networks do you use more often?

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