Top 10 Types of Content That Works Best For SEO

Lots of people have an opinion that content is all about writing a large amount of content. Therefore they link content marketing with writing a large amount of text and post in on social media platforms. But content marketing is more than that it’s not limited just with writing. In Fact it is a vast field in the world of SEO and Digital Marketing. Every digital marketer always try to make good use of their content to reach new customers. But keep in mind that content marketing is not that easy. It require lots of efforts and dedication to be an expert in it. If you want to succeed in content marketing you have to work hard as an individual or you can hire someone experts to produce various kind of content for you.

Here are the top 10 types of content that work best in SEO.

1. Infographics

It is the best way to represent any text blog or article in a graphical and visual form. In fact, it is the combination of graphics and words. Infographics is the part of our history and it is still popular in present and it will be remain popular in future. The reason behind this is that it is more easy to understand than reading a whole article. That’s people are more likely to share info graphics apart from text based content. Therefore you need to require much efforts to engage with your audience. Because your audience works as an evangelist when they share your info graphics. By sharing by few of your audience there are always a chance that your content may be go viral any time.

Here is a tip for you try to create Infographics based on research and fact. Don’t waste your time in creating Infographics without any statistical data. Because it is very costly to produce an engaging Infographic.

2. Memes and Gifs

Memes are GIF usually funny in nature and make any post more engaging as compared with still pictures. There it is also holding a chance to go viral more quickly. Memes create a moment for your audience to laugh once. That is why people like to engage with memes over social media and other online platforms. Memes holds both good and bad signs with it. The good sign is that it is easy to create even a kid can create them. Lots of tools available online that can produce tons of memes in shorter period of time. Now the bad sign is that memes are not compatible with known brand. Because they do not produce quality as infographics does. So it is good for emerging business but not good for established business.

3. Videos

Don’t need to say anything about video content. YouTube is the best example to showcase the importance of video content. Video are the content to that people loves to engage. That is why you can see video content on social media sites like Facebook  and twitter to create more engagement with their users. It also have been proven that video minimize the bounce rate of the website. Video is for all even for small or a large corporation. Anyone can use them to engage with their audiences. There are lots of editor in the market that can make your video editing work easy. But you should hire some professional to make amazing video content for your business.

4. Guides

Guides are more than an article. It is the the full detail about something in the form of images and text. You can create guide for beginners that can have the potential to engage with the audience. For this you can encourage your audience to download your guide when they are reading your website content. You can use this by creating creative guide with the help of content writer and the graphics designer. How to guide works best then any other guide in the world.

5. Podcast

Podcast is the audio form of the text based content. But you can do podcast as per your requirement but it should be focus on a proper topic. Podcast is becoming very popular these days all the top level digital marketer are using podcast to spread their content on internet. All the businessmen use to listen podcast while they are travelling. That is why podcast always leads to have engagement with the right audience at the right time.

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6. Interview

Interview is the best form to engage with your audience. You can take the interview of any popular personality in your industry. Because the audience loves to hear about the experience of their ideal person. You can ask some valuable question to interviewed person so that the audience come to know what they are looking to have from the interview. A single interview can make a huge impact in your efforts to engage with your audience. You can take the interview of any  well known personality i.e the actor, famous blogger, famous writer, business etc.

7. Blogs

Blog is the most popular way to engage with your audience. Blog and video are competing with each other but you can embed them as a single piece of content. It is differ from the old age article. Because article are more professional then blogs. Blogs are quite informal in nature that why it is more engaging for the audiences. Moreover there is no limitation to embed content on a blog post. You can embed images, graphics, memes, gifs, and video in your blog post to make it more engaging and deep.

8. Case Study

Case study is a study in which one of your customer tell the story of your product or service to the rest of other customers. In the case study the customer usually tells that how your service or products is changing their life. They describe the major role of your product or service in their life. Case study is engaging because the users want to listen story about certain services and they love real life stories. That why case story is that crucial to create engagement.

9. Check list

Checklist showcase the step by step procedure to do something. Checklist is engage able because it provide the right path to the audience whether they are the beginner or the professional once. it is the most prescribed way to tell your audience to start and end something in a perfect manner. You can provide checklist on any topics. It also works as tips for the audience. Most of the users loves to read checklist before starting something for the first time. .

10. Live Videos

Massive number of audience like live video content. Lots of social media websites seeing the huge rise in live video watch time. It is more than other video content on the website. Every company should try live video on different social media platforms i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and so on. Live video make a trust relationship between the business and the audience. That why all the well established business are using live video content to create engagement with their audience once or twice in a week.

Let’s Sum Up

All these 10 types of content that work best with SEO and make a good impression in your audience mind. In Fact it will also help you make your SEO efforts more effective. As a result you will have the higher chance to rank well in search results. Don’t pick up four or five ways from these list tries to make use of all these points and start getting the results as soon as possible. A quick tip at the end for you don’t try to generate lots of content all the time tries to generate enough content that have the value for the audience. 

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