How To Make The Best Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Business

If you think Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are the tools to do Social Media Marketing are enough then you are completely wrong. There is one more friend of yours in Social Media Marketing. Say “Hello” to your brand’s new workmate- and that is one and only one Pinterest. Pinterest is the hottest and latest craze in Social Media. Pinterest is not just used by the young people but 70% of U.S. women having age of 25 to 57 uses Pinterest too. If you want to get an idea about new products or services and look for any inspiration then Pinterest is only for you.

We can increase our brand awareness and sales leads just by performing a Pinterest Marketing strategy. If your target audience is on Pinterest and if you want to promote your brand then Pinterest is for you. It may not be famous as Facebook but the real power of Pinterest is business accounts. In Pinterest, we can join with 500,000 businesses.

Steps for Pinterest for business account:

Pinterest for business includes the following methodology.

Pins: Anything regarding image or video that someone selects to save is referred to as Pins. For businesses, we can use links. Every pin links back to original resource referred to as a referral traffic.

Boards: Pinterest users sort their pins into a collection called as boards. For example, Boards from Hootsuite Pinterest account infographics, case studies. Pinners can follow Boards according to their interest.

Feed: Feed is a combination of links and contents from the boards that the pinner has followed.

Steps for Pinterest Marketing Strategy

It’s time to plan a strategy for Pinterest. You have to follow these steps in order to get your entry in Pinterest Marketing.

1. Pinterest accounts and profile updates:

  • Create your business account on Pinterest
  • Go to Pinterest business page and click join as a business.
  • Enter your email, password, business name and select category like Professional, media, brand, retailer, local business or others.
  • After review the terms and services, click on Create account.
  • You will see a homepage where your followers are able to see your profile.
  • Complete your profile:
  • In order to look your brand incredible and amazing, you need to fill your personal details.
  • Login into your pinterest account and click on settings appear on the top right side.
  • Add your business location and upload your profile picture then save the settings.

Confirm your website:

If you boost your pin’s ranking in search results then you have to confirm your website. Try to pinning a link from your site; you’ll see your profile picture.

Create Boards:

  • Now, your account is ready and you can start organizing and sharing content. You need to click on red plus sign.
  • Enter a descriptive name for your board and maximum 20 characters you can use in the board.
  • Write a description into your board and select an appropriate category.

Start Pinning

After the setup of a board, we need to add pins. By installing a Pinterest button, we can pin anything from the web with just a couple of clicks. Once you successfully created your Pinterest account, you can easily have access to

  • Pinterest ads
  • Customizable tabs
  • Video posts, protected boards and pincode features.

Remember that your profile must contain relevant SEO keywords as per your organization’s brand.

2. Customize your profile

In order to customize your profile, we have to remember these points.

Board Covers:

If you’ll add Board Covers in your profile then you can easily customize your profile. You can upload your photos but custom covers give a unique look to your company’s brand. Even you can also use different colors, icons and fonts with our brand.

Board Titles:

To customize your profile, it’s an important thing to keep in mind that how you name your boards. With the use of board’s description area and with short title, we can add more keywords. Mostly boards are starts with a capitalized letter and followed by a line.

Get descriptive:

If your business has already done with SEO research, start typing with some basic keywords into search bar. The title will give you a great look at what the board is all about while the profile has relevant search phrases in it.

3. Optimize your website

With the use of Pinterest save button or customize your share button, it’s easy for website’s visitor to pin from your pages.

Rich Pins:

Depending on products or services of your business, you have to enable the rich pins. Rich pins are of 2 types. Product Pins and Article pins. Product pins gives us the information about price of an item while Article pins are used in blogs. In mobile application development, Rich pins stands out with recipe times and star reviews.

Buyable Pins:

You can take one more step further by synchronizing your web store to Pinterest account. Pinner can easily click add to bag and then click on checkout. In fact, you can save several products from more than one website.

Optimize your images:

The best pins on pinterest have lifestyle photography. Pinterest provides a list of quality photos. When you create a product or service pages in to your site make sure you must add some lifestyle photos in it.

The dimension for the images in Pinterest is as below.

  • Image Aspect Ratio is 2:3 to 1:3.5
  • Expanded pins must have minimum width of 600px.

Each blog posts have some Eye-catching images. Some website providers provide Specific Plugins that will help you to add description for your pins.

4. Be Active

It is the last step of every platform: be active. Record the time to source your content and check on what’s being actively pinned from your site. During Pinning, you can add some hash tags and descriptions into your site. These hash tags works as another search reference and clickable just like another Social Media Platform. PureWow includes an article pin with piece description. When PureWow saved the article pin in a board, then these article pins are also includes in hash tags. In fact, it’s very difficult for brands to constantly track hash tags. Sprout Special gives an easy way to join
their profiles and review analysis at a larger scale.

5. Analyze your work

Analyze all of your work. The guidelines provided by Pinterest helps you to walks through all of the analytics that is beneficial for you. If you want to optimize your site for Pinterest, you have to check out what pages are the famous pages or which pages search by the audience after a month. It also gives the information about which pins performed well during search and which were uniquely pinned from the site.

6. Spice Up your category

Try to expand your strategy and integrate other ideas for example, contests. We can generate video affects by the boards like Serena and Lily’s Color Theory. Color pins are grouped together as you scroll down the pages. Include Pincodes into your Pinterest boards. Well, Pincodes are the codes that you can create from any other board having customized image. You can use these pincodes in your stores, another Social Media Platform and your printed marketing material. Try to add videos into your Pinning strategy. You can promote the videos via Pinterest’s paid program. If you target your pins in more affective way, the advertising definitely works for your business. Pins have a designation of “promoted by” otherwise that pin will be treated as a regular pin.

The best pins for advertisings are embedding with network’s content. Means these type of pin provides high visibility and useful for your target audience. You can’t sell a product but pins like inspirational home décor, DIY gifts are more attractive to impress the audience. It’s a part of Content Marketing. Pinterest for your business marketing strategy is just like playing a long game for your business. You can produce a combination of helpful content, consistent posting and SEO. A pinner may not be ready to buy a cake for their marriage but they will be save
inspirational pins on a board for months.

Lets Sum Up

By follow these steps you will make a strong presence of your business on pinterest. These Pinterest marketing strategies works for every business, whether it is a small or large scale business. That’s why lots of business already taking the advantage of Pinterest’s potential. Therefore, start using Pinterest for your business to give your social media marketing efforts a rapid boost. Don’t neglact the power of this social network.

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