Top 6 Most Incredible Digital Marketing Strategy

There is no doubt that, Digital Marketing is a big platform for modern landscape. In fact, buyers and enterprises are always online. Strategy term define as a master plan to obtain a specific goal.

Digital Marketing Strategy is the series of activities in which you can attain your desired target through online marketing channels. These channels contain earned, owned and paid media. Even we can create a common campaign for our business through theses channels.

One Digital Marketing Strategy may include multiple digital strategies but it depends on scale of your business. I have made a list of 7 Digital Marketing Strategy that helps you to grow your business.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Build your buyer personas

Buyer personas represent the ideal customers of your business. Means, what they want, how they act, what they think and how these people get motivated. The main objective to build buyer personas is to identify ideal customers so that we can understand them and communicate with them.

We can create our buyer personas through interviews and researches. Keep in mind that information about ideal customers should be real. In case of any wrong assumptions about ideal customers will make our Digital Marketing Strategy in wrong direction.

In order to get complete criteria about the customers, your researches should cover prospects and people outside your contacts database. It depends on our business (whether it’s B2B OR B2C) that what kind of information you’ll collect from your customer.

There are some points you have to remember while build your buyer personas.

Qualitative Information:

  • Hobbies and Interests

Try to communicate with your customers and target audience. For example, for a fashion Brand Company it’s helpful to know that whether people are interested in their brands or not. People also help them by sharing their views about the organization’s content.

  • Priorities

Connect with those people and consumers who align with your target audience and tell them how your organization is beneficial for them.

  • Goals

On the basis of services or products created by your organization, we’ll get a good idea that what type of goal your customers are looking to achieve. We can talk with customers, customer service representatives as well.

  • Challenges

Again, communicate with customers, customer service epresentatives and sales representatives to get an idea of problems faced by

Quantitative Information

  • Job Title

We can get a rough idea from our existing customers for a Job Title. It is mostly suitable for B2B Companies.

  • Income

Some people might not be ready to pay income via online forms. So we can gather personal income through persona research interviews.

  • Location

Google Analytic tool is the best tool to identify the location of your website traffic.

  • Age

We can gather this data by recognize trends in customer database and existing prospects.

2. Recognize your goals and the digital marketing tool you’ll need

The marketing goals of your business must be associated with fundamental goals of your business. The overall goal of an organization is measure by the right Digital Marketing Tool. However, measurement of your Digital Marketing
Strategy will be different for each goal.

For example, reporting add-on in Hubspot software keep all sales and marketing data in one place, so we can quickly check what data works and what data doesn’t work.

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3. Check your existing assets and digital channels

In order to evaluate existing data channels and assets, we can use 3 media framework such as: Earned, Owned, Paid.

  • Earned Media

Earned Media is a kind of exposure you’ve earned through a communication. We can do Earned Media by positive reviews, press mentions and via other people sharing your content on social media. Whether that content you have distributed on other websites or via the experience of customer.

  • Owned Media

Owned Media includes digital resources that your company or brand owns. For example, blog content, imagery, social media profiles. It also contains off-site content on your site that you own.

Paid Media is defined as a channel in which we’ll spend money to grab the attention of audience. This involves paid posts in social media, Google adwords, or any other platform for which you pay. We gather all the requirements in a spreadsheet, so that you’ll clarify Owned, Earned and Paid media. All three channels are working simultaneously.

For example, suppose you have content on landing page that has been created for generating a lead. In order to increase number of leads, you can make efforts on social media profiles by sharing your posts. This is the part of Earned Media.

If Earned and Owned Media runs successfully then you don’t need to spend time on Paid Media.

4. Plan and audit your Earned media campaigns

Evaluation of Earned media against your goal can help you to get an idea of where to focus and from where leads and traffics are coming from. You can rank each Earned media as well from high to low. You can get all this information via Google Analytics or through Hubspot.

We can get a lot of traffic through LinkedIn as well because in LinkedIn many people share their content.

5. Audit and plan your owned media campaign

The information that your brand broadcasts is called as content. It can be product description, about us page, eBooks or infographics. Content helps you to boost your Brand’s profile online and convert your website audience into leads. For a digital marketing strategy, you need to focus on content. To achieve goals in digital marketing, you need to follow a process to write an owned content.

  • Audit your existing content

Compose a list of owned content and rank your content according to their performance. Suppose if your objective is lead generation. You can rank them accordingly means which content generates more leads.

  • Identify gaps in existing content

Identify the gaps in existing content on the basis of buyer personas. For example, if you are an English tutoring company. While discovering your audience research one of your persona’s biggest challenge is to find interesting ways to study. If you don’t have any material or content regarding that. You might have to create a new one.

On your content audit, you might detect EBooks hosted on a landing page results a good conversion. So, in English tutoring company, you can add an Ebook about ‘interesting way of reading’ as well.

  • Create a plan for content

Creating a plan for content will help you to achieve your targets. This will include the following steps.

  • Title
  • Goal
  • Format
  • Promotional channels
  • Priority level
  • Why you’re creating.

6. Audit and Plain your paid campaign

In Audit and Plain your paid campaign, you need to check paid media across every platform it can be Google Adwords, Twitter, and Facebook. If you spends a lot of money on Google Adwords but you haven’t seen any result. It’s time for you to change your platform.

Bring it all together

Now, you have a solid vision of all the elements that are needed to build the strategy for Digital Marketing. The points which I already discussed are as below:

  • Clear profile of all buyer personas.
  • One or more marketing specific goals.
  • An audit of your existing Owned, Earned and Paid media.
  • An inventory of your existing Owned, Earned and Paid media.
  • An owned content creation plan.

You can plan your strategy for a longer period of time. 12 months is a good starting point to start a marketing strategy. For example,

  • If you start a blog on January you have to update your blog on weekend’s continuously.
  • In April, you might launch a new book, accomplished by paid promotion.
  • In August, you might focus on earned media in the form of PR to drive traffic for your website.

With all these approach, you can also create a structure timeline for your strategy. You can even communicate with your friends about this digital marketing strategy as well. If you are still facing difficulty with these digital marketing strategies. Then you can have the help form best digital marketing company in India. 

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